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Hand Blown Glass Flower

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Glass Blown Flower, Catalog Number: fgf008 ,Turn that glass flower into a butterfly feeder or garden luminarie. Finished in satin black. The size is 2" x 4" x 14" Tall. Glass Flowers sold seperatly. So.. what is so special about these flowers? These are multi use flowers! First, they are designed to hold a tealite candle. Poke them into the ground, or a potted plant and enjoy them with candle light. Second, these are real handy for watering plants that are very full. Insert into your potted plant, and fill the flower with water and/or plant food. Next, these make excellent Butterfly feeders! Simply cork the flower tube with silicon, and fill the flower with nectar. Also, we make pendant lamps from these flowers! Uses are only limited to imagination. Colors not by choice, order's of more than one flower, and we will do our best to mix colors, depending on stock.

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